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2017 NESTA Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarships

2017 NETSA Scholarships Awarded
by Larry Lesieur, Chairman of the NETSA Scholarship
Committee, NETSA Board Member

We are very happy to once again announce the winners of our 2017 NETSA Scholarships. In this issue of the Roadrunner are the profiles of the scholarship winners not already profiled in the Fall Road Runner edition. Through the support of all our sponsors, we were able to provide twenty deserving students within our membership with $2,000 Scholarships towards their college tuition. Twenty scholarships are the most we have ever given out surpassing last year’s total of nineteen awards. We received over 40 applications this year, which is the second most that we have ever received. Each Scholarship consists of $1,000 received from our generous sponsors and is matched by another $1,000 raised from supportive NETSA members through their participation in our annual Scholarship Golf Tournament and from the auction at our Hall of Fame Dinner during the annual NETSA Trade Show.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s deserving recipients. The winner of the Sullivan Tire Family of Employees Award sponsored by Sullivan Tire is Julie Appelstein of Maynard and Lesieur attending American University as a Freshmen. The Mohawk Rubber Sales Award goes to Courtney Morin of County Tire Center attending Paul Smith’s College as a Freshmen. Julia Pardi of Cooper Tire attending the University of New Haven as a Freshmen has won the Melvin’s Tire Pros Award. The Town Fair Tire Award goes to Kaylee Smith of Freedom Tire attending Boston University as a Freshmen. American Tire Distributors awarded its scholarship to Jamie Solimine of Dorchester Tire attending Bridgewater State University as a Junior.

Donations collected at the Sullivan Tire trade show booth at the NETSA Trade Show this year and Sullivan Tire have funded the Tim Haley Award which goes to Jessie Melvin of Melvin’s Tire Pros attending the University of Connecticut as a Freshmen. Michael Rucki of Rucki and Son Tire received the Max Finkelstein Award and is attending Bryant University as a Sophomore. The Nokian Tyres Award this year goes to Danny Gillotti of Hogan Tire in Houlton Maine attending the University of Southern Maine as a Freshmen. The William J. Clark Award sponsored by Cooper Tire was again presented to Angela Dupoise of County Tire who is attending Castleton University as Junior. Tom Lyon’s Tire awarded its scholarship to Kelsey Desjardin of Nokian Tyres who is attending the University of New Hampshire as a sophomore. Pete’s Tire Barn has graciously again sponsored two scholarships, one of which went to Jonah Houle of Melvin’s Tire Pros who is attending Rhode Island College as a Sophomore while their other scholarship was again presented to Joseph Peterson of Town Fair Tire who is at the University of Florida. The winner of the Leo H. Lesieur Award sponsored by Maynard and Lesieur was again Connor McDermott of Mohawk Rubber Sales of NE who attends the University of Alabama as a Junior. Safehold Special Risk awarded its Robert J. Sullivan scholarship to Brianna McFadden who is attending the University of Chicago as a Freshmen. Ari Theilman of GT Silver City Tire attending Central CT State University as a Junior again received the Bob Malerba/ Connecticut Tire Dealers Award sponsored by the Connecticut Tire Dealers.

Rounding out our 2017 NETSA Scholarship Award recipients are Haley Denis of Pete’s Tire Barn and attending Fairfeld University as a freshman was given the Kelly’s Tire Inc. Award. Connor Boucher of Granite State Tire and Battery attending Southern Maine Community College as a Junior was again the recipient of the Reliable Tire Co. Award. Lillian Furrier of Hogan Tire in Mass. attending Bentley University as a Senior was again presented with the Myers Tire Supply Award and Joseph Zaccheo III of Sullivan Tire and attending Northeastern University as a Senior was again recipient of the Kurtrick Schlott Award sponsored by Mohawk Rubber Sales, DPH Inc. and myself. Kerrigan Davis of Nokian Tyre’s attending Castleton University as a Freshman was the recipient of the Auto Zone Award.

Thanks again to all our scholarship sponsors and to those members who have contributed matching funds either through our annual Scholarship Golf Tournament and/or the Hall of Fame Dinner Auction. Without all of you we could not have awarded twenty $2,000 scholarships to these very bright students who have worked hard and accomplished so much in their lives. These individuals are our future and deserve our continued support. Please let our Executive Director know if you are interested in giving a NETSA scholarship in 2018. You get to name the scholarship after a family member, your business, or someone you admire. From 2003 to now, we have been able to fund over one quarter million dollars ($296,000) in scholarships through the NETSA scholarship program. Unbelievable!

On behalf of the Scholarship Committee and the NETSA Board of Directors, thanks to everyone involved in this worthwhile activity. When you look at the reasons why you should belong to NETSA, our scholarship program certainly should be at the top of the list. See you next year and have a great holiday season.

Julie E. Appelstein


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Exec. Dir. Cheryl Appelstein – Mother, Larry Farrell – Sullivan Tire, Julie, Roland Lessieur – Grandfather, Charlie Appelstein - Father

Julie E. Appelstein – Winner of the $2,000 Sullivan Tire Family of Employees 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Sullivan Tire and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Salem, New Hampshire where she attended Salem High School, graduating in 2017.

Julie graduated from high school with a 4.149 GPA and Class Rank of 11out of 263. She was very active in extracurricular activities through high school. Grades 9-12, she was: Vice President of the Student Body; Captain of SHS Girls Varsity Tennis Team; Faculty Nominated Representative of SHS Key Club; Trombone Section Leader for Salem High March Band; Marimba Player for the SHS Winter Percussion Ensemble and Captain of the Salem High Math Team. In Both 11-12 grades, Julie was president of National Honor Society; Digital Lead of Salem at Hillary for American during her 11th grade year; and in Grade 12, Julie was Canvass Captain of New Hampshire Democratic Party.

All of these activities showed Julie different experiences. She learned to run weekly meetings and solve complex math problems; coordinate warm clothing drives, lead monthly meetings, organize food drives for those in need and attend competitions and world championships.

Julie’s awards included: Wellesley College Book Award, Grade 11; Spanish Studies Award, Grade 10; Academic High Honor Roll; Grades 9-12 and Girls Tennis Sportsmanship Award, Grade 11.

During her senior year in high school, Julie worked as a Sales Team Member at Babies R US. She assisted at guest service, processed returns, provided registry aid and helped to solve guest issues. She was awarded “Employee of the Month” for the month of September and was promoted to Associate with special privileges.

Jillian A. Thiele, Humanities Teacher, Salem High School, said “An extremely dependable and polite young woman, she posses a strong respect for her work, community, school and athletic endeavors. While Julie is industrious and charismatic, she retains a strong sense of humor and humility…. In over 12 years of teaching, I count her as one of the most promising young women I have ever worked with. I have no doubt in my mind that her inventiveness, ethos, and growth mindset reflects her values as an applicant.” “ Her musical talents as a percussionist are also notable. I have no doubt that Julie’s personality and academic drive for success represents Salem High School to the fullest.”

Julie looks forward to attending American University in Washington, D.C. She feels she will have access to a wide variety of internship opportunities and hopes to intern at the Department of Health and Human Services and possibly work with nonproft organizations as well.

Her mother, Cheryl Appelstein, is a Delivery Driver for NETSA member, Maynard & Lesieur, Nashua, New Hampshire. Congratulations Julie.

Kerrigan R. Davis


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Kerrigan, Kenneth Davis– Father

Kerrigan R. Davis – Winner of the $2,000 Auto Zone 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Auto Zone and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Colchester, Vermont where she attended Colchester High School, graduating in 2017 earning a 3.85 GPA.

Kerrigan will be a freshman this fall at Castleton University, Castleton, Vermont. She has chosen her major to be English Education and she plans to graduate in May of 2021. She then hopes to become a high school English teacher spreading her joy of literature to her students.

During Kerrigan’s freshman year in high school, she became very active in volunteering several hours a week at her local church. She also spent her summer, helping a neighbor with barn chores. Kerrigan helped volunteer at many school events, working concession stands and helping wherever she was needed.

Last year, Kerrigan worked at a gym facility called Edge, located in Essex, Vermont. Her position was that of front desk clerk. Her main responsibilities included customer service with a smile, acknowledging everyone entering and leaving and answering each client’s questions. Kerrigan has grown very comfortable with face to face communication, enjoying it so much that she was asked to train new hires.

Kerrigan has played the flute since fifth grade and whole-heartedly enjoyed playing first chair flute in the Concert Band. She also was a member of the pit band for the school’s production of Little Shop of Horrors.

The Honors Distinctions Award was received by Kerrigan during her freshman year in the Thinkers and Revolutionaries class. This year long class, was a combination of English and Social Studies. Kerrigan demonstrated she was a hardworking student, setting an example for others. She was also a member of the National Honor Society.

Mr. Bob Hall, Guidance Team Leader at Colchester High School, said” Kerrigan has done very well in a college preparatory curriculum. What strikes me about Kerrigan is she has a very strong sense of herself as a learner.” “Kerrigan is a bright, kind, involved young woman. I have no doubt Kerrigan will be a welcome addition to your roster of scholarship recipients.”

Her father, Kenneth Davis III, is a Truck Driver for NETSA member Nokian Tyres, Colchester, Vermont. Congratulations Kerrigan.

Kelsey P. Desjardin


Pictured: Dick Cole - NETSA Executive Director, Kelsey

Kelsey P. Desjardin – Winner of the $2,000 Tom Lyons Tire 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Tom Lyons and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Colchester, Vermont. Kelsey is a sophomore, at the University of New Hampshire and her major is Athletic Training. She plans to graduate in 2020.

Throughout high school Kelsey was a three sport athlete. She played soccer, basketball and lacrosse. In her senior year, she was captain of the basketball team and received the most valuable defensive player award for her team in both her junior and senior year. Kelsey received most improved player of the year from her lacrosse team during her junior year. She is quick to point out that the most important activity she was a part of was the unifed basketball team in which she volunteered to help kids with disabilities from her school play on a basketball team together. Kelsey felt it was truly amazing to be a part of such a meaningful program.

Kelsey has worked since age 16, at both a local farm stand as a cashier and babysitting. She presently works at Zachary’s Pizza as a waitress and The Village Scoop. When time permits, Kelsey also babysits. Molly Terrien, Manager of The Village Scoop, said “Kelsey leads by example, is responsible and always reliable. She is respected and admired by her peers, coworkers and employers. Her good nature draws people to her whether she is behind the ice cream counter, out tending to the customer seating area or simply stopping by the shop to check on things. I am consistently impressed with how Kelsey is able to juggle multiple jobs and college yet still come to work each day with a smile willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Kelsey gives 100% of herself to her job and her work ethic is one of the best we’ve seen in an employee.”

Julie Pastore, School Counselor, Colchester High School said, “Kelsey has dedicated herself to becoming an Athletic Trainer. If she is not working at a high school, college or for a professional sports team, she would like to work in a gym and help people recover from their injuries. She has an innate desire to teach people about proper nutrition and would like to incorporate this into her career in some way. She is very driven to achieve all her goals and I have no doubt that she will be successful in all she does.”

Kelsey’s goal in life is to become a certified athletic trainer and a physical therapist. Her plan is to graduate with an Athletic major from the University of New Hampshire in 2020 and attend graduate school for physical therapy, graduating in 2023. Kelsey sees her future as owning both a gym and rehabilitation center.

Her father, Jason P Desjardin, is the Controller for NETSA member Nokian Tyres, Colchester, VT. Congratulations Kelsey.

Haley C. Dennis


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Daniel Denis – Father, Haley, Dennis Kelly – Kelly’s Tire

Haley C. Dennis – Winner of the $2,000 Kelly’s Tire 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Kelly’s Tire and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Hanover, Massachusetts. Haley is a 2017 graduate of Hanover High School in Hanover, Massachusetts. She will be a freshman at Fairfeld University, Fairfeld, CT and plans to graduate in May 2021 with a degree in nursing.

Participation in sport activities was a large part of Haley’s high school years. She played 4 years of feld hockey and lacrosse, and assisted in the feld hockey clinic. Haley twice received academic achievement during the feld hockey season. She was involved with the school yearbook, and spent 3 years in the Concert Chorus. During that time, Haley received both the Bronze and Silver Achievement Awards; the Director’s Award and was Concert Chorus Librarian.

Haley volunteered to help with the Music Department’s car wash, she taught at summer Bible School, delivered Thanksgiving dinners in her community and participated in Christmas Caroling during all four years of high school.

Miss Renee Parry, Math and Science Teacher at Hanover High School, Hanover, MA, said, “Living in a middle class community it is often easy to forget the needs of others, but Haley consistently seeks ways to help others who are less fortunate.” “She is a sincere, compassionate young woman who surrounds herself with peers who are mature and responsible. She is a positive presence in her groups and she does not seek attention of accolades for herself.” “She has a genuine interest in the well being of others and I am confident she will achieve her dream of making a difference in the world and helping those in most need, through a career in medicine. She will contribute to your community by involving herself and supporting others. And she will grow into the wonderful woman she is destined to be.”

Haley believes that many people think a college degree is a symbol of success; however, it’s what is done with that degree that determines success. Degrees are used to bring change to the world, and work with others to bring progress. After college she hopes to continue her education, complete graduate school and become a nurse practitioner. The idea that she can bring change to the world inspires her.

Her father, Daniel E. Denis, is the Sales Manager of NETSA member Pete’s Tire Barn, Orange, Mass. Congratulations, Haley.

Brianna K. Fadden


Pictured: Laurie Fadden – Mother, Brianna, Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director

Brianna K. Fadden – Winner of the $2,000 Robert J Sullivan 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Sullivan Tire and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Duxbury, Mass where she attended Phillips Academy, graduating in 2017.

This fall, Brianna will start her freshman year at The University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. She plans to major in Environmental Science and anticipates graduating in 2021.

Brianna’s activities and honors are many. She has played four varsity sports: soccer and ice hockey (4 years each), track (1 year; named Rookie of the Year and captain of the team) and 2 years of lacrosse. She is a member of one of the most competitive clubs in Massachusetts, Global Premier Soccer Club. Interesting, is the fact that her parents played at college level soccer. So one might say, soccer is in Brianna’s blood! She has fine-tuned her technical skills to compete at a very high level and was a member of the under seventeen Massachusetts Olympic Development team, competing against other teams. Brianna played for 4 years on the top GPS elite team competing in the highly selective National Premier League. She has played ice hockey from the age of nine and has worked her way up to one of the most competitive girls hockey clubs in the nation, Assabet Valley Girls Hockey Club. Her team has been ranked first in MA and tenth in the country. One of her dreams has already come true as she will be playing soccer at the University of Chicago! Brianna received the SUMMA Leadership Award in 2014 & 2015, the AP Scholar with Honor designation, and continues to volunteer for both Meals on Wheels and Relay For Life.

During the summer months, Brianna worked at several local restaurants as a food runner and/or busing tables. She was hired by the Duxbury Beach Reservation and Harbor Master, as a bird watcher. She recorded data on the piping plovers’ movement and egg count along with guarding the reserved plover area from beach goers and vehicles.

Karina Hernandez-Guarniz, Associate Director of College Counseling, said “She immediately impressed me with her desire to challenge herself both in and out of the classroom. Bri often speaks of her wish to step out of her comfort zone and learn about others who are different from her. While many new students tend to surround themselves with the familiar, she has sought to do the opposite. I have no doubt that at her next step, Bri will contribute in meaningful ways in the classroom, athletic feld and beyond.”

Brianna’s mother, Laurie A Fadden, is the Employee Development Manager for NETSA member, Sullivan Tire, Norwell, Massachusetts. Congratulations Brianna.

Danny J. Gillotti


Pictured: Rich Tuttle – Nokian Tyres and NETSA V.P., Danny Anderson –Grandad, Danny Gillotti, Jody Anderson – owner Hogan Tire

Danny J. Gillotti –Winner of the $2,000 Nokian Tyre 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Nokian Tyre and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Ludlow, Maine where he attended Hodgdon High School, graduating in 2017. In the Fall of 2017, Danny will be a freshman at the University of Maine, Presque Isle. He plans to major in Small Business Management/Entrepreneur with an anticipated date of graduation in 2021.

During Danny’s freshman and sophomore high school years, he participated in the student council as Vice President. He was awarded the Golden Student award and received high honors for most of his high school years. He played baseball on the varsity team and participated in kickboxing classes for more than four years.

Danny has used negative challenges in his short lived life as motivational challenges to make himself not only a better person, but to enable himself to put aside excuses and charge ahead despite the obstacles placed before him. His father’s tragic death in 2014, has enabled Danny to mold himself into being a better person. Just as important, death has also taught Danny what not to become.

Danny had his first job at age twelve. For two years, he worked for a pastor who had a very busy schedule, but lacked the physical ability to get everything done. Danny would do random jobs such as mowing his lawn, helping him pack and move and maintaining his multiple properties that he owned. At age fourteen, Danny got a worker’s permit and began working at Hogan Tire over the summer. For the past four years, Danny continues his work schedule which includes before school, during his study halls and after school, including daily work during the summer.

Entrepreneurship and business are Danny’s aspirations. Working for his uncle gave Danny an opportunity to see firsthand that running a business takes hard work, great communication, social and bargaining skills to make it successful.

His four years of kickboxing classes has made Danny determined to open a larger, multipurpose gym business and become very successful.

Danny works as a warehouse tech for NETSA member Hogan Tire Inc., Houlton, Maine. Congratulations Danny.

Jonah A. Houle


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Jim Melvin Sr – Melvin’s Tire Pros, Wilfred Houle – Father, Jonah, Steve Jones – Pete’s Tire Barn

Jonah A. Houle –Winner of the $2,000 (Pete’s Tire Barn 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Pete’s Tire Barn and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Woonsocket, Rhode Island where he attended Woonsocket High School, graduating in 2015 Jonah will attend Rhode Island College, Providence, Rhode Island, as a Sophomore. He is majoring in fnance with an anticipated graduation date of June 2019.

Through a local program, Community Care Alliance, Jonah worked during the summer as a shelf stocker for CVS. Jonah also worked full time as a dishwasher at the Texas Rhode House in North Smithfeld while enrolled as a full time student at Rhode Island College. Presently, he works approximately 24 hours a week as a server in a local restaurant. Jonah is proud of his ability to work part time while maintaining his studies.

Jonah participated in basketball, baseball and track while in high school. He enjoyed coaching and helping underclassmen achieve their goals. He also helped coach the 7th grade girls traveling team. It was then, that Jonah realized the importance of helping others reach their goals. He soon began looking at other organizations where he could help kids realize their dreams. Jonah’s high academic level enabled him to become a member of the Rhode Island Honor Society. .

Before July 2016, Jonah was in the gym every day, training to be on the television show, “American Ninja Warrior.” This was one of many goals, Jonah had set for himself. He was proud of his workout ethic and the physical accomplishments of his body. The morning of Jul 12, 2016 changed his life forever. He and four friends were in an auto accident. They were hit from behind, triggering a four car pileup. Everyone but Jonah was able to return to their daily lives. From July 2016 until January 2017, Jonah was unable to walk properly due to nerve damage from his seat belt tightening up and crushing his femoral nerve. Expectations of Jonah being able to walk normally again, were low. Jonah proved them wrong and after many physical therapy visits, chiropractic adjustments and doctor visits, he was able to retrain his legs to work and walk correctly.

Jonah feels the car accident was a blessing in disguise, for he now will not take his life for granted. “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward.” What has happened to Jonah has made him do his best in everything and to share his story with the world how anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

His father, Wilfred M. Houle, is an Automobile Tech for NETSA member, Melvin’s Tire Pros, Warwick, RI. Congratulations Jonah.

Courtney M. Morin


Pictured: Dave Ventura – Mohawk Rubber Sales, Courtney, Jennifer Morin – Mother, Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director

Courtney M. Morin – Winner of the $2,000 Mohawk Rubber Sales 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Mohawk Rubber Sales and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Addison, VT where she attended Vergennes Union High School, graduating in 2017.

Courtney was very active in extracurricular activities through high school. She played JV softball for two years and competed in varsity rowing since seventh grade. She was on the yearbook committee, winter ball committee, graduation and project graduation committee. She took 4 years of German and was able to participate in a twoweek exchange with German students from Bochum, Germany. The German students were hosted by our German Club in school, and then we traveled to Germany where we stayed with host families.

Courtney is very invested in instrumental music. She has given clarinet and bass clarinet lessons and tutored eighth grade math students. Courtney was a member of both the high school marching band and pep band and participated in two festivals. In seventh grade, Courtney auditioned and was accepted to participate in the Green Mountain District Festival. This year, for the first time, she participated in the Vermont Allstate Music Festival. During Courtney’s last year of high school, she was the clarinet section leader in the band ensemble.

Since her freshman year of high school, she has worked at the Addison Volunteer Fire Department’s monthly pancake breakfast. Courtney feels very connected to her community as she helps raise money to pay for new and updated equipment including trucks, fre suits, hoses and all sorts of frehouse equipment. Courtney has also helped raise money for Camp Ta Kum Ta, a camp for children and teens who have cancer or have witnessed cancer in loved ones. Her family has a love for hunting and archery, so they have partnered with another chartered non-profit organization called “Snake Mountain Archers Shooting For A Cause.” They host up to three archery competitions during the summer and donate all the profits to a group or organization in the community that needs the funds.

Courtney plans to major in fisheries and wildlife sciences. She has three major goals: maintain at least a B+ in all classes, enjoy life on campus by participating in organizations such as environmental clubs, and have a full time position in place by graduation. Ultimately, Courtney wants to work for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department as a wildlife biologist in the Addison County area of Vermont. This is where she grew up and she would like to settle. Her mother, Jennifer C. Morin, is an Automotive Service Writer of NETSA member County Tire Middlebury, VT. Congratulations Courtney.

Jessie R. Melvin


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Jim Melvin Sr – Grandfather, Jessie, Larry Farrell – Sullivan Tire

Jessie R. Melvin – Winner of the $2,000 Tim Haley 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Sullivan Tire and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from North Scituate, Rhode Island, where she attended LaSalle Academy, graduating in 2017. This fall, Jessie will start her freshman year at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. She plans to major in “Classics” with an anticipated graduation date in May 2021.

Jessie was a member of both the Girls Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Teams for 3 consecutive years. Three State Shot Put Championships were won. She was both captain and instructor in both javelin and discus, along with participating in both of those sports.

Other activities Jessie participated included: membership in the National Honors Society, National Society of High School Scholars, Photograph Club, Pep Band, Concert Band and Art Club. Jessie was awarded the Girl Scout’s Bronze Award within her community. Jessie received an award for superior effort and achievement in the Honors Bioethics class. She tutored students in history, math and English during her 10th, 11th and 12th grade years.

Jessie worked part time during her junior and senior years of high school. Her position at the North Scituate Public Library included categorizing books for a book sale, shelving returned library media, reviewing books along with assisting the public. Jessie also volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at Harry Kizirian Elementary School, where her main function was that of teacher’s assistant and her focus was to help children learn to read.

Edward L. Cronan, Jr., School Counselor, has described Jessie as being “self-disciplined, focused, determined, and dependable and is willing to ask questions because of her inquisitive nature and genuine desire to learn.” “She will be a pro-active contributor to the campus environment and one who will be appreciative of the opportunity to study at a university or college. Jessie is the caliber of person who will support her alma mater long after her graduation.”

After graduating from the Saint Joseph’s University, Jessie aspires to either attend law school or pursue a Doctoral Degree in history. Which path she chooses is undetermined at the moment, but she knows that law and history serve as her ‘eudemonia’ in life.

Jessie’s father is James Melvin Jr., an Owner of NETSA member, Melvin’s Tire Pros, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Congratulations Jessie.

Julia R. Pardi


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Jim Melvin Sr – Melvin’s Tire Pros, Mike Linhart – Cooper Tire, Julia, John Pardi - Father

Julia R. Pardi – Winner of the $2,000 Melvin’s Tire Pros 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Melvin’s Tire Pros and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Manchester, Connecticut where she attended Manchester High School, graduating in 2017. Julia is a freshman at the University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, majoring in Forensic Psychology. She anticipates graduating in June 2021.

While in high school, Julia participated in Cross Country, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track for all four years. She was captain of Cross Country, and both Indoor/ Outdoor track . She was a member of the Activities Planning Board. Julia was both president of the National Honor Society and member for four years; she was Editor-in-Chief for the school newspaper, and her achievements included Awards/Certificates/High Honors in grades 9 through 12. Julia had above a 3.5 GPA for all quarters of her high school years.

Mr. James J. Tierinni, Jr., Mathematics Teacher for Manchester High School, strongly recommends Julia Pardi for any scholarships. “Julia is the type of person who matches her intelligence only by her kindness. She is a tremendous young adult, someone who is not forgotten by the people who she meets. Julia is kind, smart and competitive. She is highly motivated, diligent in her studies, responsible and personable.” “Julia knows what it is to be a leader; she constantly has people looking up to her, feels the pressure and responsibility and continues to make great choices. These characteristics are demonstrated in her leadership through multiple clubs.” “Julia's competitive edge can be seen during sports, but also in the classroom.” “She is a hardworking and kind hearted person who continues to excel both in and out of the classroom.”

For four years, Julia participated in Relay for Life, an organization that raises money for cancer patients. She is a member of her church congregation program called “Rebuilding Together.” This program reached out to those in the community needing help. Church members painted and helped clean up yards, etc. Julia was also a member of the Interact Club.

Julia plans to earn a Bachelor Degree in Forensic Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and further down the road, her PhD in Psychology. Her inspiration is Dr. Henry C. Lee and hopes to follow his steps and accomplish what he has, as he is one of the top Forensic Psychologists in the world.

Her father, John H. Pardi, is a Territory Manager of NETSA member, Cooper Tire, Findlay, Ohio. Congratulations Julia.

Jamie L. Solimine


Pictured: Alan Saks – Dorchester Tire, Bob Vacca – ATD, Kathleen Solimine Mother, Jamie, G. Saks – Dorchester Tire, Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director

Jamie L. Solimine – Winner of the $2,000 ATD 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by American Tire Distributors and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Stoughton, Massachusetts, where she attended Stoughton High School, graduating in 2015. In June 2017, Jamie received her Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education from Massasoit Community College, Brockton, Massachusetts. She is now a junior at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts and plans to graduate in 2019.

Jamie is currently an after school program teacher and a summer camp counselor. She loves working with children, getting to see them grow and learn. She realizes teaching is where her heart is and intends to follow her dreams of pursuing a position as an elementary school teacher.

September 2013 to present, Jamie has worked at Kidsports as a front desk/ weekend manager, co-site coordinator for both the after school and summer program. She was charged with training new and after school staff, along with interviewing interested employees. Jamie volunteered her time as a babysitter at Elite Health and Fitness. She is certified in EEC, CPR and First Aid.

Miss Susan L. McCabe, Joseph R. Dawe Elementary School, Stoughton, MA, wrote a letter of recommendation for Jamie. Miss McCable said “Ms. Solimine was required by her college to spend several hours in a classroom. She promptly arrived on time, everyday, with a smile on her face to my inclusive second grade classroom.” “After the students would go to lunch, she would rush off to her second job, preparing as manager for the afterschool program at Kidsports in Stoughton.”

“Although she was required to only come one week, she has volunteered to come in and help in small group, whole group and one on one settings when she can. She immediately became acclimated and took the initiation as an educator with the students. It was amazing to watch her in the short time I was with her to investigate and know the students needs and how they think, modify work as needed without assistance and be assertive, yet gentle, when it came to classroom management.”

“There are tens of thousands of people walking the halls of universities hoping to learn all they can about teaching so they can become an expert teacher. Only very few of those people have “the gift” of teaching. I can say in my heart of hearts, Jamie Solimine has the “Gift”. She is smart, dedicated, reliable, assertive, gentle, and has the motivation to be an expert teacher.”

Her mother, Kathleen Solimine, is a Bookkeeper for NETSA member, Dorchester Tire, Boston, Mass. Congratulations Jamie.

Kaylee S. Smith


Pictured: Jay Cusello – Town Fair Tire, Kaylee, Desiree Boisvert – Mother, Daniel Guide – Mgr Freedom Tire, Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director

Kaylee S. Smith – Winner of the $2,000 Town Fair Tire 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Town Fair Tire and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Freemont, New Hampshire where she attended Timberlane Regional High School, graduating in 2017.

Kaylee graduated from high school with a 4.5204 GPA and Class Rank of 2 of 305. She was very active in extracurricular activities through high school. From September 2013 to present, Kaylee volunteered her time through Community Caregivers. This is a program where she assisted a disabled woman with dishes, cleaning and vacuuming until she moved in 2015. She also assisted a disabled woman with laundry and taking out the trash and offered companionship once a week for two hours.

She was both a member and treasurer of the Science Honor Society. Picture: (Jay Cusello – Town Fair Tire, Kaylee, Desiree Boisvert – Mother, Daniel Guide – Mgr Freedom Tire, Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director) As Treasurer, she conducted a biology experiment and created a presentation as part of her senior year membership requirement. She also assisted other offcers in running monthly meetings, earned 12 hours of science related community service including blood donation and tutoring. Kaylee was a member of Government Club and attended Harvard Model Congress which is a four day program where students take on the roles of members of the US government. She was Secretary for the French Honor Society from June 2016 to graduation. As a member, she tutored underclass French students during free periods and attended monthly meetings. Kaylee was also a member of the National Honor Society, Pho Kappa Honor Society, Math Honor Society and the English Honor Society.

Ms. Patricia Deyermond, Timberland Regional High School said this about her: “Kaylee is one of the most intellectually gifted students I have had the pleasure to teach, but it is her incredible work ethic and quiet determination to be her best that has secured her the number two ranking out of almost four hundred students in her very academically competitive class.” “Kaylee also possesses a superb analytical mind and her desire to become a patent lawyer is the perfect career choice for her talents.” “Kaylee is involved in virtually every aspect of our school community. However, all that Kaylee does is not for attention or resumebuilding, but for the fact that she truly believes in civic responsibility and engagement.”

Kaylee plans to major in biology at Boston University with the goal of one day becoming involved in medical research or becoming a patent lawyer for medical innovations. She will determine whether she is more interested in research or law while in college. Her mother, Desiree L. Boisvert, is a Bookkeeper for NETSA member Freedom Auto and Tire, Plaistow, New Hampshire. Congratulations Kaylee.

Connor J. Boucher


Pictured: Dick Cole - NETSA Exec. Dir., Connor, Michael Boucher - Father

Connor J. Boucher – Winner of the $2,000 Reliable Tire Co. 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Reliable Tire Co. and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Hooksett, New Hampshire. He attended Pembroke Academy, Pembroke, New Hampshire, graduating in 2015 as an Honor Student with a Cumulative GPA of 91.94. During his four years there, Conner received the Coaches Award for Academics in 2014, the New Hampshire Scholar Athlete Award in 2015, was Class President in both his Junior and Senior years, a three year member of the National Honor Society, and a member of a volunteer organization called the Key Club.

Connor volunteered each summer for the PYL (Pushing Your Limits) Orientation Program and was elected Senior Leader of that program in the summer of 2014. Sports were an important part of Connor’s high school years. He participated in Varsity Basketball for 4 years (Captain SR Year), Varsity Football, Varsity Cross Country. Along with his busy schedule, Connor was able to devote time for both the Yearbook committee and Media club.

Passionate about becoming a member of the Hooksett Fire Department, Connor spent two summers riding with this Department, developing more of a public service spirit. Connor is a recent graduate of the Concord Regional Technical Center’s Fire Science Program and also earned “Fire 1” from the New Hampshire Fire Academy. He is presently enrolled in the Fire Science program at Southern Maine Community College, and plans to graduate with an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) degree for Paramedicine. Connor is part of their Public Safety Live-in-Program which enables full-time students to reside in a frehouse while acquiring on-the-job experience. Connor’s goal is to work in fre/rescue and emergency medicine, and to give back to his community by becoming employed as a frefghter/ paramedic.

Paul Famulari, Dean of Students at Pembroke Academy said “Rarely does an administrator have the good fortune to come to know a student of Connor’s caliber. His leadership transcends the co-curricular realm, when you consider that Connor is a vibrant and active participant in volunteerism and community service-based opportunities. Connor Boucher is a superbly well-rounded young man and a fne representative of our school community. He is well liked and respected by one and all.”

Connor’s father is Michael Boucher, who is Vice President of NETSA Member Granite State Tire & Battery in Manchester, New Hampshire. Congratulations, Conner.

Angela N. Dupoise


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Exec. Dir., Lisa Dupoise – Mother, Steve Dupoise – Father, Angela, Mark Rochefort – NETSA Board member representing Cooper Tire

Angela N. Dupoise - Winner of the $2,000 William J Clark 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Cooper Tire and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from New Haven, Vermont where she attended Mt. Abraham Union High School, graduating in 2015.

Angela played basketball all four years of high school. In her junior year, they won the state championship title. In her freshman year, Angela was manager of the JV softball team and went on to play for the JV team her sophomore year. Angela also played AAU Basketball for Valley Magic. She attended several summer basketball camps.

Angela was a member of the drama club for four years. She was a member of the cast in Singing in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol and Shrek the Musical. In her senior year of high school, she played Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

During her senior year of high school, Angela participated in an Independent Study Program at Beeman Elementary in New Haven, Vermont. She volunteered as a duo assistant in a kindergarten and frst grade classroom. Working around her schedule, Angela also volunteered o help children in the second grade. She was both patient and supportive of the students, helping them with math assignments and other school projects.

Kathy Sagendorf, Beeman Elementary School Teacher, said “she is a kind and compassionate young woman, she shows lots of initiative, is personable, conscientious, and encouraging to younger students… Her times with us clearly illustrated her ease when working with children. She is a real natural and responsive to what my students need.”

Angela works summers in the grant funded program, Leaders in Training sponsored through the Mary Johnson Children’s Center in Middlebury, Vermont. The New Haven Summer Program provided an opportunity for Angela to not only give back to this community, but to oversee and engage with the children enrolled in this summer program. Angela has also worked as a Recreational Assistant through the Mary Johnson Children’s Center since June of 2014. Her responsibilities include preparing meals, helping children with homework, playing games and ensuring the children’s safety. Since November 2015, she’s also been working for Olympia Sports in Middlebury, VT.

Angela attends Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont, as a Junior majoring in Elementary Education, with a minor in Music and earning a 3.66 GPA. She is the V.P. of Castleton’s University Choral and is the Treasurer of the American Choral Directors Association. Her desire is to teach elementary children and simultaneously obtain her Master’s Degree.

Her father, Stephen M. Dupoise, is owner of NETSA member Country Tire Center, Middlebury, Vermont. Congratulations Angela.

Lillian E. Furrier


Pictured: Matthew Furrier - Father, Jason Weintraub - Myers Tire Supply, Lillian, Julie Furrier - Mother, Dick Cole - NETSA Executive Director

Lillian E. Furrier – Winner of the $2,000 Myers Tire Supply 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Myers Tire Supply and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Lillian attended Wilmington High School, Wilmington, MA. graduating in 2014 with a 3.85 GPA. During her four years there, Lillian was a member of DECA, a business competition club. She competed in the State tournament and placed in both solo and team events. For four years, Lillian was a member of two community serviced based clubs (Rotary Interact Club and the Bread and Roses Club) while in high school. The Rotary Interact Club organized both senior citizen events and community events around town. The Bread and Roses Club supported the Bread and Roses Soup Kitchen in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Once a month, Lillian would prepare a chicken dinner and bring it to school where it was then combined with other students contributions for the Soup Kitchen in Lawrence. She also participated in several projects through her church, St. Thomas of Villanova.

Lillian has been dancing since pre-school. She started competing solos in national competitions her freshman year of high school and has won several frst place trophies and placed best in several national competitions. Lillian has also placed in team competitions. Kathaleen Rooney-Gray, Owner/Director of The Dance Company, said “Lillian has assisted in class as well as taught on her own. During this time I have witnessed her tremendous growth and development. Lilly quickly learned to manage her time, work in group situations under deadlines and to recognize the importance of a strong work ethic and persistence. Lilly is an ambitious leader and a terrifc team player.”

Lillian is attending Bentley University in Waltham, MA as a Senior majoring in Accounting and on the Dean’s List. She received an internship at Fabtron Corporation in Waltham, MA where she worked in both the A/R and the A/P areas gaining great experience in the accounting feld. Last year she had an intern position with Sovos Compliance, which is a tax and fnancial reporting compliance software company. This year she was accepted to work at the Ernst & Young Emerging Leaders Summer Program. She’s also continuing her love of dancing as a member of the Bentley Competition Dance Team. She was also a Bentley Game Day Dance Team member which cheers and dances at all Bentley Football and Basketball team’s home games, and Lillian received their ‘Team Spirit Award’ last year. Her future plans are to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, and then pursue her Master’s Degree in her 5th year. After graduating, she would like to go into public accounting.

Lillian’s father is Matthew Furrier, who works for NETSA member Hogan Tire Center, Inc., in Woburn, Massachusetts as their Controller. Congratulations Lillian.

Joseph M. Zaccheo III


Pictured: Katie Maguire – Mohawk Rubber Sales and NETSA Director, Joe III, Joe Zaccheo – Father, Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director

Joseph M. Zaccheo III – winner of the $2,000 Kurtrick Schlott 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Mohawk Rubber Sales, Larry Lesieur and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Hanson, Massachusetts. He is a 2013 graduate of Boston College High School, Dorchester, Massachusetts and is presently a Senior at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, majoring in Civil Engineering.

While in high school Joseph was a member of the National Honors Society, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field teams, Senior Mentor Program and an assist. coach for the Freshman Soccer team.

At Northeastern University, Joseph is both a member of the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE). He has been on the Engineering Dean’s List for his first six semesters at Northeastern and inducted into two different honor societies (Tau Beta Pi and Chi Epsilon) requiring the student be in the top 6% of their engineering class. He was selected to enroll in a BS/MS Program in Civil Engineering which will allow him to graduate with both a bachelors and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering while only taking four extra classes. Joseph presently plays on an intramural flag football team.

Since 2012, each summer Joseph is employed at Sullivan Tire Company, Inc., as a warehouse worker, unloading tires off trucks and eventually transporting them to their respective location in the warehouse. In the summer of 2014, he was employed at Bay Colony Investigators, working such events as parking lot detail or checking the bags of the guests as they entered an event.

As part of the curriculum at Northeastern University, Joseph has been given the opportunity to enroll in a Cooperative Education Program where he takes a six month period off from school and works full-time for a company that specializes in his major. Joseph worked for J. F. White Contracting from January – June 2015 in their pre construction office and is currently working in his second cooperative education experience with DN Tanks.

Mr. Gregory Sugarman, Civil Engineer with J. F. White Contracting Company, says “Joe is one of the best interns I have worked with in my 10 years with J. F. White. Joe has very strong interpersonal skills, which in this business, is one of the most important aspects of being successful. He is well spoken, a quick learner and understands his task with minimal explanation. Joe also takes responsibility and ownership for his assignments and always follows through with seeing his tasks to completion where most people take a long time to develop that skill.” His father, Joseph M. Zacceo, works for NETSA member, Sullivan Tire Company as Chief Operating Offcer in Norwell, Massachusetts Congratulations, Joe.

Connor J. McDermott


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Leonard McDermott – Father, Casie McDermott – Mother, Connor, Larry Lesieur – Maynard & Lesieur and NETSA Director

Connor J. McDermott – Winner of the $2,000 Leo H. Lesieur 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Maynard & Lesieur and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Hingham, Massachusetts.

Connor is a 2015 graduate of Hingham High School, Hingham, Massachusetts and is now a Junior, majoring in accounting and earning a 3.88 GPA at the University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Connor played football for all four years of high school and was awarded “Best Teammate” in his senior year. He was a member of the National Honor Society from 2011 through 2015, winning the Century Club Award given to the top 25 students in each grade and awards for Outstanding Achievement in English, Outstanding Achievement in History and Excellence in Oceanography.

His community activities included: tutoring classmates, community service, counseling special needs children in sports, assisted the Hingham Food Pantry by packaging food for those in need during the holiday, volunteered his time to the Hingham Fourth of July parade committee where he participated with fund raising and parade day activities. Connor twice attended summer Catholic mission trips, building handicap ramps and painting homes of the elderly. Presently, Connor is a member of Al’s Pal’s, a mentoring program of Tuscaloosa school children where his fluency in Spanish has enabled him to better communicate with students.

Mr. Brian P. McGeoghegan, President of Mohawk Rubber Sales, said “I see one trait that stands above the rest that overwhelms me as I offer recommendation, for Connor possesses an organized drive, work ethic, kind heart and caring spirit. His leadership qualities combined with his spirit to help, allows me with complete confidence to recommend Connor McDermott for scholarship consideration by NETSA.”

Ms. Kelly McPeck, School Counselor, for Hingham High School stated “Conner is diligent, driven, sincere and respectful.” “He sets goals for himself and regardless of setback, he manages to persevere and succeed.”

Connor’s goal is to become a certified public accountant. Pursuit of this goal will require a five year undergraduate degree or an additional year in a Master’s program. Connor will weigh these options as he progresses in his education. His minor in Spanish will help to enhance his language skills and enable him to pursue opportunities with multinational organizations. Connor will strive to grow personally and become a contributing member of our global society.

Connor’s father is Leonard McDermott, who is the Controller of NETSA Member Mohawk Rubber Sales in Hingham, Massachusetts. Congratulations Connor.

Joseph J. Peterson


Pictured: Bill Pawlak – Town Fair Tire, Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Joseph, Tom Lake – Pete’s Tire Barn

Joseph J. Peterson – Winner of the $2,000 Pete’s Tire Barn 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Pete’s Tire Barn and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from East Haven, Connecticut.

Joseph graduated from East Haven High School, East Haven, Connecticut in June 2015 with a 4.04 GPA. During his years of high school and college, Joseph worked three years at NETSA member Town Fair Tire in East Haven, Connecticut. His various responsibilities included fling and scanning documents for the accounting department. Joseph also worked for a short time in the carriage department of Expect Discount Grocery.

Since the age of ten, Joseph has volunteered as an alter server at his church and at the church’s annual carnival. While in high school, Joseph was Vice President of the National Honor Society, an active member of the jazz band, a four year member of the golf team, and a two year member of the marching band. Joseph was a member of the student ROPES Club which promoted positive choices, and to engage the student body into to becoming connected through many activities. Joseph was also a four year member of Students against Destructive Decisions (SADD). He is a CAPT scholar and received the Saint Michael’s book award.

Michele Madonna, East Haven High School Counselor, has said “Joseph is a young man who, from the frst day, I met him, I knew was someone very invested in his future and going to take advantage of all he could academically. Joseph is that behind the scenes student who quietly achieves and is humbled by all he accomplishes. His drive and commitment to his goals tells me he has great promise for success as a college student.”

Joseph is attending the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida as a Junior this year. Science is a passion of Joseph’s, therefore, his plan is to major in biological engineering. His desire is to be able to help millions of people by fnding cures for both diseases and ailments that afflict so many in today’s world and ultimately become a pediatrician.

Congratulations Joseph.

Michael J. Rucki


Pictured: Laurie Rucki – Mother, Michael, Alex Rucki – Father, Dick Cole –NETSA Executive Director

Michael J. Rucki – Winner of the $2,000 Max Finkelstein 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Max Finkelstein Inc and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Ludlow, Massachusetts.

Michael graduated from Holyoke Catholic High School, Chicopee, Massachusetts in June 2016 is attending Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island, as a Sophomore. Michael has chosen Marketing as his major with an anticipated date of graduation in June 2020.

In high school, Michael participated in both the indoor and outdoor varsity track teams and was the recipient of many awards. Michael tutored Chinese foreign exchange students and helped to teach them more about the American culture. He was accepted into the National Honor Society last fall.

Michael volunteered at a local organization that had a goal of providing supplies to expectant mothers who did not have the money to get everything they needed to care for their child. For two Christmas seasons, Michael helped to wrap gifts at the local mall to benefit VNA Hospice. He contributed to a Christmas project that provided gifts for the children of incarcerated parents. Michael felt that the most substantial project he participated in was to serve a year on the Pastoral Council at his parish. In this position, he attended monthly meetings and gave his input on events.

From 2013 to 2016, Michael worked at Rucki and Son Tire during summer months, after school and between his sports participation. He also worked mowing neighbor’s lawns, painting for neighbors and washing cars. This year, Michael worked at Burke Chevrolet learning the business and helping market cars online and managing their website.

Dr. Corinne D. Morgan, Holyoke Catholic High School, said “His intelligence alone makes him stand out, but it is compassion and kindness for others that truly make him a special student. Michael goes out of his way when doing group work to help those who are struggling. He will add intelligence and energy to any classroom, pushing both group discussions and himself to their highest academic potential.”

Michael wants to combine his love of cars and numbers by working in a career based around them. With a degree in marketing, his dream of either selling cars, working in a finance department of a car dealership or working in Marketing would be suitable for him. Michael would like a position that makes it feel as though he never has to go to work and a career centered on automobiles would make that possible.

Michael’s father, Alex Rucki, is owner of NETSA Member Rucki & Son Tire in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Congratulations Michael.

Ari Thielman


Pictured: Dick Cole – NETSA Executive Director, Ari, Blaise Pascale - CT Tire Dealers and NETSA Director, Gene Thielman – Father

Ari Thielman – Winner of the $2,000 Bob Malerba/CT Tire Dealers 2017 Scholarship Award (funded by Connecticut Tire Dealers and the NETSA Scholarship Golf Tournament) is from Meriden, Connecticut, where he attended H.C. Wilcox High School, graduating in 2015.

Ari competed two consecutive years in Skills USA, volunteered at local elementary schools helping with holiday fairs and special events for the students and during his senior year of high school, mentored incoming freshmen students to help them transition into a new learning environment. Because Ari maintained a high honors grade point average during all four years of high school, he qualifed to tutor students in a variety of subjects.

He played for the school golf team and received the Most Improved Player Award as well as earning medals for six matches in this sport. Ari was most proud of his award for four years of perfect attendance in high school.

Ari has been described as being expected to attain all of his goals after graduation by his Math Instructor, Steven M Wodarski; as a serious, energetic, organized young man who reasons well, solves problems and clearly communicates his ideas verbally as well as on paper by John Nylander, US Modern History Instructor; and as being most impressive with his accomplishments, he remains humble and appreciative of his success by his Social Studies Teacher, Sarah Martorelli.

Ari spent the last four summers working at his father’s business, G. T. Silver City Tire Company. As Ari’s skills and knowledge increased, he was moved into other important facets of the business, taking with him much needed knowledge to become successful in his own life.

He is attending Central Connecticut State University as a Junior and plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, Ari’s desire is to work for his father in order to learn the various aspects of running a successful tire and auto repair shop. He desires to either partner in his father’s tire and auto repair company or develop his own successful tire and repair business.

Ari’s father is Gene Thielman, President/Owner of NETSA member G. T. Silver City Tire Company in Meriden, CT. Congratulations, Ari.

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